Hi. I'm Nikolaj @NikoDyring Jensen 馃

About me

Short Bio

My name is Nikolaj Dyring Jensen and I'm passionate about learning the latest and greatest technologies whether thats the frontend or backend. I enjoy creating sleek and responsive applications in addition to being user friendly. I love working in fast paced environments. I excel at collaborating with teams of different knowledge sets. A versatile programmer with interests in Software Engineering, VR/AR and Game Development. Adaptable and self motivated learner. Interested in new programming technologies, and continuous self improvement. I am currently not looking for new opportunities.

While there isn't a Wikipedia page about me (sorry folks!), a career timeline is available below.


  • March 2024 Currently
    Software Developer
    To Be Announced
  • May 2023 March 2024
    Ruby on Rails Developer
    Develop new integrations to external providers
    Work closely with stakeholders, developers and Team Lead to understand business requirements, and transform them into functional software
  • Jan 2023 Mar 2023
    Software Engineer
    Development of JSON, XLSX, Email and XLS parsers to receive data from partners to present to our customers. Test-driven Development using Rspec
  • May 2021 Dec 2022
    In my role as a Developer for Group Logistic ApS, I was responsible for:
    Keep the system up to date, by upgrading both ruby and rails versions.
    Set up our webshop to be dockerized and orchestrated with Kubernetes using Kuby.io
    Third-party service integrations (such as Klaviyo, GTM, Meta Pixel, Reepay and Trustpilot)
    Development of our package system for our Warehouse. (Scanning, printing labels, sending emails to customers and so on)
  • Feb 2020 Dec 2020
    Backend Developer
    Add and structure data in a real time database.
    Implement and use Firebase SDK in our Unity Application.
    Convert & Migrate current data to our real time database.
    Build web-application to handle promotional codes and analytics for our publishers.
    Add CRUD to this application for titles.
    User management
  • Apr 2018 Sep 2018
    Junior Software Developer
    SLD Consulting
    Worked as a junior developer / junior consultant. Had the pleasure of being sourced to Norden DS to create some tools for their developers, but also some integration work.

Let鈥檚 connect!

I'm excited to connect with others via email, LinkedIn and Twitter to chat about projects and ideas. Currently, I am not looking for freelance projects / other opportunities as I enjoy my time at Inpay. However, I'm always open to a chat or a code review! 馃殌馃殌馃殌